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Use the Social Media Tools God Puts Before You

I know how difficult it may sometimes be for entrepreneurs to think of God as an integral part of their business, but if he is not, God should be. In fact, you should include God in every aspect of your business and you should use the social media tools God puts before you. That includes […]

Celebrating Lent by fasting from Negativity!

The First Church of Periscope is going to do a 40 day fast from negativity. We will think on things that are positive at all times because we have to renew our minds.  We are starting on Ash Wednesday (February 10, 2016) because it is the first Wednesday that is 40 days out from Resurrection […]

You Need Me On Your Team

This year has 5 days left in it. What are you going to do differently in the next 5 days that you haven’t done in the previous 360? One thing I would like for you to consider is bringing me onto your team in 2016. The two most important days in a person’s life is […]

Special Prayer/Praise Service for Paris

It was a tragic evening in Paris on yesterday.  Gunmen left over 150 people dead at a concert hall.  We do not know when our very last moment will be.  We must live each and every moment as if it is our last.  Dr. Sims talks about Job and asks a question, What is your […]

The Shake Up

I have recently added the following statement to my coachscopes, What are you doing to shake up your life?  I recently challenged one of my fellow coaching colleagues with that statement.  She just told me she turned in her resignation.  BOOM. This is definitely a shake up.  One thing I was battling when I was […]


Dr. Sims how do you stay so excited, motivated, and happy all the time?  One of my secret weapons is that I am not anxious for anything.  Philippians 4:6 says, Be careful for nothing.  We are encouraged not to have fear because the just shall live by their faith.  Do you know FEAR will make […]

How to be grateful – 1

The first step to being grateful is recognizing who God is. When you recognize who God is, you can respect who God is. When you respect who God is, you can truly praise Him and be grateful for all the things God has done for you and for me. How do I praise the Lord […]

I Go Hard

Are you going hard for YOU today? It is no reason for you to be going less than full out for yourself. There is no room for excuses because it is just a reflection of fear. You can not live in fear and faith at the same time. Take the brakes off and live full […]