In our conversations with God, we often turn to Him for guidance in either a challenge or even the course of action to take when we are presented with opportunities. It is crucial to understand that God does not bless you with an answer in a vacuum. You will receive an answer, maybe not at either the exact time or even in the exact form you expect, but you will get an answer. It is entirely up to you to have a response to the answer. The answer is usually aligned with either your purpose or your destiny. You must be intentional in allowing the answer to manifest.

If the answer you receive requires action, you must take action. In other words, you must do more than just acknowledge and give your consent to the answer that God has given you. Failure to take action is failure to say “yes” to God’s plan for you. You must trust that, as Psalms 111:7 says, “All he does is just and good, and all his commandments are trustworthy.”

There should be no excuse for you to ignore what God is putting before you. And if He has given an answer, you should neither continue to ask the same questions of Him nor continue with business as usual. Luke 11:28 says when Jesus is speaking of God’s will “…but even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice.” That’s putting your faith into action, but it is just as relevant to putting into action the answer God has given when you ask Him either about your purpose or you ask Him the next course of action to be taken.

In fact, the Bible makes repeated references to obeying God’s word in a variety of situations by a myriad of individuals. When asking Him for guidance, can you do any less than obey and take action? To say yes without action is the same as being disobedient to His words. Ambiguity and uncertainty, paired with inaction, are outward signs of a lack of faith.

None of us should hesitate to respond to God’s answers when we are seeking guidance. In fact, just as failure to act will affect your blessings; so will procrastination affect your blessings. To paraphrase Luke 14:16-21, Jesus tells of a host who prepared a great feast and invited many of the prominent members of his village. The people he invited all had excuses for not coming. As any host would be, he was disappointed, and, as Jesus says, furious. The host responded to this rejection by inviting others who valued the invitation more than the ones who had excuses for not attending. They lost out on a sumptuous meal and the ones who did attend were well satisfied with the meal. In the same way, you could lose out on your blessings if you act too slowly.

This is what happens when you fail to take action on the purpose and destiny God puts before you. The question becomes “What’s on the other side of your yes?” Is it either action (i.e. obedience, procrastination, or a blatant failure to act at all.

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