Are you tired of sabotaging your relationships? Are you tired of ending up in the same place with every relationship? Are you tired of toxic relationships?  Are you ready for some spiritual spring cleaning? Are you ready for a shift in all of your relationships?


Do you realize that YOU are the common denominator in all of your relationships? Guess what? If you get better, all of your relationships will automatically get better.  How can I get the help I need Dr. Sims? Well, I have just the thing for you. Spend an hour with me.  What’s in it for you? A new perspective and appreciation for the greatest gift you have……and that’s YOU!!!!  You are a prized possession and it is high time you falll in love with the wonderful person that you are. I want to spend an hour with you to help you gain insight into who God has called you to be.  Will you do that for you?
The investment is only $97.  The value is $297  It would be the best investment of 2017 by far 🙂  Taking time to work on you is priceless.


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