This past Sunday was Super Bowl 51.  It pitted two totally different teams against each other.  The methodical New England Patriots and the high powered offense of the Atlanta Falcons. The odds makers listed the Patriots a three point favorite. Similarly, the Falcons were a three point underdog.  I heard some stats that said 128 million dollars was “gambled” on the Superbowl, the most in Superbowl history. The payout was about 117 million dollars. This means that Las Vegas made 11 million dollars in profit.  Las Vegas is not afraid to gamble because the house always wins.

This vlog is not about gamble and the profitability of it. But it is about the fact that people are not afraid to take chances and they have the money to do so. That being said, Are YOU (the one reading this and watching this vlog), ready to take a gamble on YOU? You know Las Vegas has a saying, “Scared money can’t make money!” Hence, I will ask you a question, What are you afraid of that is holding you back from taking a risk with your greatest asset….YOU?  Watch this video and give me a call because we have a great deal of work to do!


Now, are you ready to gamble on you?  Send me an email and let’s talk about it:

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