True Success Is Living on Purpose

I know you have seriously considered the meaning of true success, especially when the challenges of life may make you feel incomplete, maybe even make you feel like a failure.

True success is wrapped in the cover of living life on purpose. Living on purpose is living your dreams and living your vision.

It is good to develop your sense of purpose early in life. It is a sustainer; especially as you become older. Discover/uncover as early as you can what your purpose is.

I watched a jazz performance on TV a few nights ago. It was at the White House and the performers were of varying ages, from the very young performer who was only around 13 years old, to performers who had been in the public eye for a very long time. By anyone’s definition they, even the teenagers, would be considered a success. They were accomplished musicians living on purpose. They discovered their purpose early and they followed through on it, probably against the “sage” advice of others. We love and admire them for both their talent and their tenacity. They are Live on Purpose (LOP) Superheroes.

But you don’t have to reach stardom, even though it’s ok if you do, to be a success. What you must do is admit and submit your definition of success so that you can live a purposeful life. Without a life of purpose and your true definition of what success is, you will wander through life and even though you may reach huge plateaus, they may not mean success to you because you lived life by accident rather than on purpose. You may take advantage of what comes your way, which is smart, some don’t even do that, but you are still living no better than the starfish that gets washed up on the beach; waiting for the next wave to come in to carry it back to the safety of the water.

Even when it seems hard to do, living on purpose ensures “you are meeting each day and feeling satisfied, feeling successful at the end of the day.” It gives you a sense of happiness.
More importantly, living on purpose is the equivalent of living with intention. Your life is less like some random string of events dotting the timeline.

I’d like to provide some suggestions for you to become an LOP Superhero. There are tools you can use to help you live life on purpose; living life with the intent of completing the vision you see for yourself. Some of the tools include:
1. A plan with clear and actionable goals.
2. A vision board, because even a kindergartener responds to visual aids.
3. A journal to capture your thoughts, your triumphs, your challenges and your solutions. You don’t have to worry about any great writing skills because this is for you and no one else.
4. Others – a trusted friend, a coach, a mentor, a teacher, a spiritual advisor – who can help you stay focused or provide advice when it’s needed or even a shoulder to cry on when those ugly challenges come along.
5. Daily gratitude for the milestones and successes you have already reached and for those you will reach in the future.
6. Celebrations of your successes and the successes of others.
7. Books that are uplifting and especially the Bible.

Books in the Bible that could help you, the LOP Superhero, on this magnificent journey called life are Proverbs, Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and especially the first two chapters of Genesis, the Creation, are the epitome of purpose, intent and success.

Living on purpose – purpose that is clear, that uses and stretches your talents – is rarely without its challenges, but living on purpose is important to whatever your definition of success maybe. In addition, having a clear purpose may offer a buffer to some of those challenges that may come your way.

Here is the other good news: when you can put on your cape and embrace being an LOP Superhero, it may help you live longer according to the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago. The same study says that living live on purpose, all by itself, appears to have a potent ability to improve and extend lives.

So what’s holding you back?

Ultimately, being an LOP Superhero is a choice; achieving your definition of success is a choice. The decision can be one of the most important ones you make. It will be with you the rest of your life.

If you want to learn more of how you can live your life on purpose and become an LOP Superhero, contact me at 205.225.9757. I invite you to tune in to my Periscope talks at 7:30am and 9pm cst. You can also listen to me on WJPMJ radio Mondays thru Wednesdays from 11am to 12:30pm cst. Download the app or listen here: bitly/wjpmjradio.

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