I know how difficult it may sometimes be for entrepreneurs to think of God as an integral part of their business, but if he is not, God should be. In fact, you should include God in every aspect of your business and you should use the social media tools God puts before you. That includes those tools you were born with such as the ability to think logically, to grasp abstract ideas, or your ability to create web designs or any other of the millions of innate abilities people have that play a part in their success.

Then, there are also the tools that man created that could contribute to your success.

Let’s narrow down and examine some of those tools.

Social media is a wonderful game changer for the entrepreneur. They level the playing field. You know that already. But do you take advantage of what’s before you? For example, how well do you use social media to move your enterprise forward?

Social media plays a substantial role in most business ventures today. Social media is a “connection” tool and success in business has so much to do with the connections you make and the relationships you forge from those connections. In other words, social media is one of those tools available to you. You can use it!

Social media easily connects you with your target audience. But don’t equate easy with haphazard. To use social media effectively, you must have a plan. Ideally, that plan evolved from the marketing portion of your overall strategic plan. And, of course, your plan was developed to support your vision.

Some of the social media available to you are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Periscope

There are others and, while I use those I mention more than the others, I use Periscope religiously. Periscope was put before me through a series of connections and when it was, I listened. The timing was just after I had lost my “job” and was questioning “what next?” As He always has, God showed a way and for me: Periscope was the tool.

When I say it was Divine intervention, I really mean I was in the right place to hear about this then new social media tool.

I started using Periscope in the spring of 2015 and never looked back. I have 8.5 million hearts, meaning I have that kind of approval rating for my morning motivations and afternoon and evening praises as well as Sunday services. It is possible for me to have 8.5 million hearts because I have 7600 followers and because my content is relevant – its words people are hungry to hear.

To use Periscope effectively I suggest that you:

  • Have a vision and formulate a plan.
  • Be consistent in working the goals for your plan.
  • Create and present content that is relevant and interesting.
  • Seek connections with like minded people.
  • Use the accessories to Periscope to increase your effectiveness.

The First Church of Periscope is an example of what can happen to your business if you use the tools God puts before you. There is the potential for tremendous growth. Because I took advantage of what God put before me, I have been able to set up a retreat so that I could meet many of my Periscope followers in person. Don’t ignore what God sets before you.

If you want to learn more of how you can market and grow your business contact me at 205.225.9757. I invite you to tune in to my Periscope talks at 7:30 am cst/8:30am est and 9:30 am cst/10:30pm est. You can also listen to me on WJPMJ radio every Tuesday and Wednesday at 12N est. Listen either online at bitly/wjpmjradio or download the app from the Google Playstore or the iTune store.

The tools are there, it is up to you to put them to use.

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