I have recently added the following statement to my coachscopes, What are you doing to shake up your life?  I recently challenged one of my fellow coaching colleagues with that statement.  She just told me she turned in her resignation.  BOOM. This is definitely a shake up.  One thing I was battling when I was working as an engineer and working my business in parallel, was being a hypocrite.  You may ask me, How was that Dr. Sims?  I was teaching and preaching about faith and trust and obedience to God, yet I was unwilling to trust God and resign from my engineering job.  Well, I was terminated on April 17, 15.  This definitely upset my life and now I can look at clients square in the eyes and ask them what are they doing to step out of their comfort zone? It is here where the greatest growth takes place.  The greatest miracles happen .  The biggest blessing is on the other side of your yes to your destiny.

So, my friend, I will ask you, what are you doing to upset your life?  If you need help, get in touch with me as soon as possible.  Your destiny awaits.

Dr. Sims


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